Cognilytica Report: ML Model Management & Operations (“MLOps”) 2020

Full report available for a limited time. Download to learn more about how MLOps is key to unlocking the value of enterprise AI, and solutions for achieving AI at scale.
Cognilytica MLOps Modzy

Who is Cognilytica?

Cognilytica provides real-world, industry and adoption focused market research, intelligence, advisory on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related areas.

Their focus includes:

Cutting through the Hype by Focusing on Adoption
Cognilytica cuts through the noise to identify what is really happening with adoption and implementation of AI in public, private, and academic settings. Their focus is on the usage of AI in the real world, not the buzzword hype.

Industry-Leading Market Research
Market-level research on application, use cases, and comparative research on the state of AI adoption in the industry. Focusing on real-world adoption of AI technology and cutting-edge application.

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